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Easy access to vitally important land, marriage, probate and other documents makes doing business in our city a more pleasant experience.

Every Virginia Beach citizen at some point of their lives will interact with the Clerk’s office. Since becoming the Virginia Beach Circuit Court Clerk, I have aggressively worked to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the office by leveraging on-line land records technology in a safe and secure manner. Thanks to these efforts, more than 60% of all Clerk's Office business involving land records can be accomplished on-line minimizing and even eliminating the need to physically come into the Clerk's Office.  We now have more than 1,000 qualified registered users of our Virginia Beach Land Records System with more being added every day.

What are the responsibilities of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court Clerk?

The Code of Virginia lists over 800 separate responsibilities and duties for the Circuit Court Clerk spanning: public safety, court services, recorder of deeds, probate, judgements, custodian of court cases, public services, preservation of historic records, keeper of election ballots, and law library maintenance.

1Public Safety
The Clerk participates in the administration of public safety as a consultant to prosecutors and law enforcement officials. The Clerk is the official record-keeper of criminal felony cases, misdemeanor appeal cases and criminal indictments.
2Court Services
The Clerk provides direct administrative support to the judges in court proceedings. The Clerk prepares many legal documents for the court such as criminal court orders that determines the outcome of a criminal court case, summonses and legal service of process, authorizations for arrest and other judicial directives.
3Jury Management
The Clerk manages jury operations and is responsible for issuing juror questionnaires to establish a qualified jury pool, issuing jury summons for jury trials, preparing jury lists, providing a comprehensive juror orientation and coordinating the needs of citizens who report for jury duty.
4Land Records
The Clerk is responsible for collecting the taxes and fees associated with the legal recordation of deeds. Additionally, the Clerk is responsible for retaining all deeds and land records recorded since the inception of the city/county and for ensuring adequate public access to these public records.
5Probate and Fiduciary Requirements
The Clerk acts as a probate judge when a last will and testament is presented to the Clerk for legal probate of an estate. The Clerk ensures the authentication of the will, conducts a legal hearing with witnesses, makes a legal appointment of an executor or administrator of a decedent’s estate and prepares legal documents and orders related to the handling of the estate.
6Custodian of Court Cases
The Clerk is the official recordkeeper of all circuit court cases which include contract disputes, claims of negligence, criminal cases, divorce proceedings, land disputes, adoptions, requests for name changes, court judgments, and many other types of court cases. Under Virginia law, the Clerk is responsible for providing public access to most court files.
7Public Services
The Clerk is responsible for issuing marriage licenses in Virginia, processing notary public commissions, and processing business name applications (commonly referred to as fictitious name applications) for citizens in a county/city. The Clerk issues witness subpoenas in court cases, issues concealed handgun permits, and administers the oath of public office to elected officials, sheriff deputies and to citizens who are appointed to local or state commission posts.
8Official Record Keeper of Election Ballots
The Clerk takes custody of all election ballots after the local election officials have certified the election results. When localities request that bond issues and referendums, such as school bond construction issues, be placed on election ballots, the Clerk issues legal documents for legal publication.